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San Francisco Peninsula Board of Directors

Title Board Member Email
President Sean Engmann sean.engmann@gmail.com
Vice-President Eric Sit eric_sit2001@yahoo.com
Treasurer Eric Madia scbroncos@yahoo.com
Secretary Rennie Owyang rennie.owyang@lmco.com
Past-President Michael Wong mikewong_1@yahoo.com
Board Member Tony Malone maloneref@aol.com
Board Member Wellington Wong wellington_wong@yahoo.com
Board Member Rick Glosser rick.glosser.bjbn@statefarm.com
Board Member Dino Skoufis actionsports@pacbell.net
Board Member Patrick Benson patrick.b.benson@gmail.com
Applicant Representative Stephen Li stephen.li305@yahoo.com
Unit Liaison Bill Black bill@wmbcpasf.com
Ratings Chair Bill Black bill@wmbcpasf.com
Ratings Chair Rick Glosser rick.glosser.bjbn@statefarm.com
Instructional Chair Michael Williams analphaman@aol.com