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San Fernando Valley Coverage Area AVG:34.2283557188889:-118.460506732222


San Fernando Valley Board of Directors

Title Board Member Email
President Fred Babadjanians fred@dailycomputers.com
Ratings Chair Ed Kirkorian edkirkorian@yahoo.com
Vice-President John Henderson jhenderson@tournamentofroses.com
Secretary-Treasurer Burton Nelson sfvbasketballunit@gmail.com
Past-President Ryan Trotta ryan.t.trotta@gmail.com
Board Member Mark Clayton markclayton@ncdconst.com
Board Member Andy Cohn acisol@aol.com
Board Member Ed Kirkorian edkirkorian@yahoo.com
Board Member Rob Foster robjobb@hotmail.com
Instructional Chair Marvin Nudell mrnoodle435@yahoo.com
Assignor Levon Zakarian levo2121@aol.com